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Strong Hockey

Strong Hockey Development

This uniquely designed hockey training center is a one stop shop to provide players with a complete, advanced, skill-developing training program that includes Power Skating, Shooting, Puck handling, Passing and core body strengthening.

Complete program performed on skates on artificial ice that has been approved by the NHL's Strength and Conditioning association and Power Skating instructors of the NHL and OHL as well as the official ice of Disney on Ice.

Watch our 2010 Promo Video and see why we take players to the next level!

Ken Strong wins again. OHL Cup Highlights!


Ken Strong's accomplishments

  • Winningest coach in GTHL history
  • Taught 24 players in the OHL draft, 7 players in first round
  • Trained 5 teams to championship titles
  • Trained 11 players to move up to the next level
  • Invented skating machines approved by the NHL's strength & conditioning Assoc. the treadmill is not.
  • Does the hockey school you use produce these kinds of results?
    Its your hard earned money "you pay for results, you get results" by tracking and viewing your progress online.

    Vew results online at our:

    Exclusive to Strong Hockey Development is two skating machines invented by Ken Strong and Strong Hockey Innovations that will improve a players’ skating power, speed, technique and balance better and faster than any other machine on the market.

    Technique + Repetition = Improvement

    Ken Strong
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